HPL Packing Method

*Formerly Handbag Packing Masterclass

Go from overpacked to traveling for a week in a personal item... or handbag!

Even if you've spent years stuffing your suitcase to the brim.

Or, you have a very loud "what-if voice" in your head.


If you're tired of feeling like your luggage is controlling you...

  All-night, anxiety-filled packing sessions

 Extra and unnecessary baggage fees

  Constant worrying about lost luggage or the safety of your luggage

  Stress and exhaustion of hauling it from Point A to Point B

Let's do something different.


HPL Packing Method
HPM is the ultimate luggage challenge. This self-guided training walks you through a proven method for packing a personal item (or handbag!) for a one-week trip.

Challenge yourself once; change your packing for life!
Learn the method that has helped hundreds of women pack for a week in a personal item bag without:
  Sacrificing what they truly need

  Wearing their entire closet

  Stuffing their pockets full of underwear
This Could Be You

Real results from HPM students packed for a week!

Tiina with her 16L bag

Chris with her 10L bag

Doreen with her 13L bag

Christie with her 12L bag

Imagine your travel freedom when this is ALL of your luggage.

(It's totally possible.)

Common Reasons to Join HPL Packing Method

You worked hard to get your luggage down to carry-on-only but still find it too heavy and hard to manage.

You want to save money by packing in only a personal item.

You are a fairly light packer but still haven't been able to reach your ultralight packing goals.

You have a special circumstance that calls for packing more "stuff" (medical supplies, CPAP, camera gear, etc.) and you want to minimize everything else as much as possible.

You feel frazzled, overwhelmed, and stressed when packing for a trip.

What You'll Achieve After HPM

Increased confidence in yourself and your ability to travel with fewer things without feeling that nagging anxiety and worry.

A clear understanding of what you truly need to pack in order to travel with ease while still feeling prepared.

Strategies for building a versatile, multipurpose packing list so that you can literally do more with less.

Tactics for managing the pre-travel jitters that would otherwise result in packing more and more things leading up to departure.

A new sense of freedom - in both travel and daily life!

Who am I?

Oh, glad you asked :)

I'm Brooke, the founder of Her Packing List. I help women to pack light confidently so that they can travel with less baggage – and a lot less stress!

I specialize in packing ultralight and helping others downsize and minimize so that they can do the same. This HPM course curriculum is the culmination of years of my own packing trial and error.

Do what I did in 8 years in less than a month!

How does HPL Packing Method work?

Get lifetime access to the 4-part method training.
That's 16 easy-to-digest video lessons across 4 modules. 

Work at your own pace.
Focus on one module per week or one module per day. Complete each module to unlock the next. 

 Attend the live monthly Q&A calls.
Upgrade for additional support and supplementary courses at any time. 

 Pack your lightest bag ever in (probably way less than) 30 days!

But is HPM for me?

If you're willing and ready to do the work, the answer is most likely YES!

  • I'm plus-sized
    We've had several successful plus-sized travelers come out of HPM with 12, 15, and 20 liter bags.
  • I'm low on free time
    No worries! This course can be completed on your own timeline - take as much or as little time as needed. We do send out supplementary emails on a weekly schedule (assuming you'd like to finish in a month), but you can do this course over a weekend if you really wanted.
  • I don't have an actual trip booked
    Not a problem! It's best to give yourself time to run through the method. Start now so that you are prepared when a trip gets booked.
  • I don't want to travel with just a personal item or handbag
    That's OK! However, it is still best to do the course with a handbag or personal item. It's part of the method to give yourself a strict boundary as it will make packing in that larger bag super easy.
  • I'm already a fairly light packer
    Imagine how light you could pack with a little extra guidance! We've had numerous students come in to HPM as "fairly light packers" and come out impressed with their progress.
  • I travel in winter
    Light packing can still happen in winter. Once you learn the method (we focus on shoulder-season weather for this course), you can adapt the teachings to winter trips.

    You can also upgrade at any time to the full HPM Program to get access to our HPM Winter Edition class in addition to a number of additional courses and a supportive community.
  • I don't have fancy travel gear
    It's not necessary to have fancy gear to complete HPM and learn the method. Do the best you can with what you have and invest in gear over time.
  • I travel longer than a week
    Completing the HPM packing challenge will forever change your perspective on packing no matter how long your real-life trips last. Plus, my personal motto is that once you can pack for a week, it's really not much different when packing for 2 weeks or 2 months!

HPM is NOT for you if:

You're not willing to try new things

You're not ready to do the work

Still here?

Great! Let's talk about everything you get inside HPL Packing Method!

The 4-Part Method Training

Get lifetime access to all 16 training videos across the 4 modules that make up the HPL Packing Method. At the end, you get to submit a final exam, which is completely optional but definitely recommended. You get a certificate of completion when you do!

Workbook & Worksheets

Tick off tasks and work out your plan with the HPM Master Workbook. Or, print off individual worksheets and fill out by hand if that's more your style!

Monthly Live Q&A

Feeling stuck? Attend our live monthly calls to get your questions answered. Plus, get access to all previous month replays as soon as you sign up! Can't make it live? Submit a question in advance.

Oh, and we're not done yet! Here are the FREE bonuses you get as part of the course.

Barrier Busting Office Hour Replays ($150 value)

Tackle your biggest roadblocks and gain motivation with 4 powerful office hour replays from a live HPM class.

HPM Trip Adapt System ($130 value)

Take your work from the main HPL Packing Method course and adapt it to other trips using this simple system.

Sound like something you need?

Let's make it official! Hit that red button below and get lifetime access to HPM for just $129.

HPM Core Training ($400 value)

Workbook + Resources ($90 value)

Monthly Live HPM Q&A Calls ($250 value)

BONUS: Barrier Busting Office Hour Replays ($150 value)

BONUS: HPM Trip Adapt System ($130 value)

All for just $129!

Every penny I have goes to travel.
Is HPM worth it?

Besides having MORE and BETTER travel experiences...

Let's talk about the direct savings on luggage-related expenses after taking HPM.

If you take an average of 3 flights per year on Spirit, you could save $345 by simply learning how to pack in a personal item instead of a full carry-on bag.

Traveling with a partner or a child? The savings multiply even further.

Add in the fact you no longer need to pay for luggage storage, luggage tipping, extra Uber rides when you could take public transport, and your travel piggy bank will start to overflow!

HPM is an investment that actually helps you to afford MORE travel - all while taking away stress and anxiety that comes from feeling unprepared with packing or hauling around tons of unnecessary "stuff". 

Long story short...

If you're someone who takes her travel time seriously, you can't afford NOT to invest in HPM.

HPL Packing Method has been lovingly designed to get results if you do the work.

We are offering a 14-day Money Back Guarantee along with your purchase. Please note that you must complete all the assignments through the Week 2 Module (with photos) to qualify for a refund. Please send an email to support (at) herpackinglist (dot) com within 14 days proving you've tried and tested out HPM, and we'll send you a refund.

Your success and happiness is important to us!

  • Is this a live course?
    No, this is an on-demand, self-guided course meaning you get access to the training material immediately after purchase. Work through the material as quickly as you wish!

    You will have access to live monthly Q&A calls with Brooke as part of your HPM package. However, if you are unable to attend live, you can submit questions in advance and watch the replays.
  • What happens after I purchase?
    You will receive a registration link for the course. Once you create your account (or log in), you will be able to access your material.
  • How can I get additional support during HPM?
    You can get your questions answered in monthly live Q&A calls with Brooke (replays will be available). Besides that, HPM is a self-guided course.

    If you want more access to feedback, additional courses, and community support, please upgrade to the full HPM Program. The HPM Program takes place in our members only portal. You'll be given the chance to upgrade after joining HPM.
  • Where do the live monthly Q&A calls take place?
    Brooke will stream the call to an unlisted YouTube livestream and then upload the replay to the course platform after.
  • How long do I have access?
    You will have access to HPL Packing Method for the life of the program!
  • What is your refund policy?
    We are offering a 14-day Money Back Guarantee if you do the work. You must complete the coursework and assignments through the Week 2 module (with photos) to qualify. Please send an email to support (at) herpackinglist (dot) com within 14 days proving you've tried and tested out HPM, and we'll send you a refund.
  • Am I too old for HPM?
    Absolutely not! We have women of all ages, from 20 to 80, take and benefit from HPM.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please send an email to support@herpackinglist.com.
Still on the fence?

This is the exact method that I've used to travel with just an 8L bag for a 2.5 week trip.

Imagine what it would be like to not stress with heavy bags, multiple bags, unruly suitcases, and excess luggage fees.

Packing light like this could be in your future, too.

It is our mission at Her Packing List to help as many travelers as possible to pack their lightest bag ever.

It all starts with HPL Packing Method!

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"Thank you again; this has been life-changing. Seriously. It has encouraged me to stick with some health changes I have been making so that I can travel even lighter without all the excess gear, supplements, fabric, and literal weight. You are a gem, Brooke!"

-Jennifer, Happy HPM Student

Everything You're Getting:

HPM Core Training ($400 value)

Workbook + Resources ($90 value)

Monthly Live HPM Q&A Calls ($250 value)

BONUS: Barrier Busting Office Hour Replays ($150 value)

BONUS: HPM Trip Adapt System ($130 value)

All for just $129!